This is a hub for all of BlossomingSun’s online content creations and endeavors. Brittany has been involved in podcasts, youtube videos, and streams her art and gaming live on a weekly basis.

BlossomingSun live-streams her art process on the website platform Twitch, you can find her creating art, gaming with viewers, and discussing a variety of topics at Find her there Mondays & Fridays at Noon Eastern.

Youtube Videos

BlossomingSun & her friends create videos on youtube relating to information WitchCraft, DIY self-care practices, and paranormal investigations.

The Deep Thots Podcast

Podcasts are released every Wednesday at 1pm Eastern!

Alongside the videos she makes with her witch friends, she also has several fun twitch friends! JessPlayin & BlossomingSun host a weekly comedic podcast that covers any topic that they’re interested in learning about.