BlossomingSun Studio Arts Commissions are Open!

Below are the types of commissions that are accepted, and the amount of Experience that Brittany has with each medium. The prices are what each type of commission begins at, and will increase depending on size & level of detail.

Watercolor Paintings // 8+ Years Experience // $35 USD

Graphite & Charcoal Drawings //
6+ Years Experience // $45 USD

Acrylic Paintings // 3+ Years Experience // $45 USD

If you’d like to commission BlossomingSun Studio Arts, are interested in pricing, or want to know what are the upcoming projects or content coming out, feel free to fill out the form below or email

** Subjects that are not accepted as Commissions: Original Characters, Anthropomorphic Animals, Sexually Explicit Material.

Please know that it may take up 2-3 business days for BlossomingSun to respond to emails.